Seeking Musicians: Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Piano Interested?

Emily Drum
Years Playing Music

Age 24

Commitment Level
Very Committed
Practice Schedule
Every day
Acoustic, Pop, R&B
Gigs Played
Under 10
Available to Gig
2-3 times a week
Available for Session Work
Performing Rights Org.

I am a singer and musical freelancer/artist who just moved to the Phx area in August from Tucson. I arrange, compose, and record/produce vocal music (a cappella) as one of my main jobs. I am a singer-songwriter too and have been working more on developing myself as an artist and putting out music for the last year. I have three songs out on all platforms and am hoping to release two more this year but need the help of a producer/mixer. I record vocal demos frequently for work and have basic understanding/knowledge of audio and the recording/editing/mixing/mastering process. But I don’t have as much experience with instrumental/pop production. I also want to find people who will play and perform with me, hopefully this will be the same person/people.

Reads Sheet Music
Recording Experience
Session Musician
Musical Influences

Olivia Rodrigo, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Orla Gartland, Jacob Collier, Jon Bellion, Lauv, Thirdstory, Lizzy McCalpine

Equipment List

Shure SM7B, Scarlett 2i2

Seeking musicians for: Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Piano

Info: I am looking for multi-instrumentalists and producers/engineers to help me produce a record and also to help perform my music. I also would be interested in co-writing.

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