Seeking Musicians for: Bagpipes, Bongo, Harp Interested?

Red Hastings
PRO Musician
Years Playing Music
less than 1

Age 25

Commitment Level
Pretty Committed
Practice Schedule
Once per week
Gigs Played
Available to Gig
Not Available
Available for Session Work
Performing Rights Org.


In a Band
Session Musician
Signed to a Label

Band Name A Real Band Name

Record Label Redrunner Records

Musical Influences

ljlkjlkjlkjlkj lkj klj lkj lkj lkj lk j ;l j;ljlk j;

Equipment List

ljlkjlkjlkjlkj lkj klj lkj lkj lkj lk j ;l j;ljlk j;

Session Musician

wewew jknkjnkjnjknkjn kjn kjnnnkjnkjnkjnjknkjnkj

Price Range for Session Work

$2 - $86

per hour

Seeking musicians for: Bagpipes, Bongo, Harp

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