Uploading a Profile Picture

How should my photo look? This is what people see when they visit your page or see you on the site. Make it good. We HIGHLY recommend square, landscape, or horizontal images, not vertical or portrait ones.

Please avoid vertical or portrait orientation as depicted below. Portrait orientation could result in poorly cropped images. 

What kind of resolution do I need? 

Do not use images that are too small. Small images can become unclear or pixelated as a result. For best results we recommend a minimum of 800px x 800px. 

Is my picture appropriate? 

We want people to know who you are! Make sure your face is clear and visible. Smile!

We believe in artistic expression but please keep in mind this profile is of you as a musician! We know you worked hard on your photos and you want them to be a representation of your music and of you. However, we ask that you try to avoid anything with graphic nudity or violence as there may be younger audiences viewing your profile.