Glossary Of Musical Terminology

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Usually slightly faster than largo.

Meaning wide, broad. In music a tempo marking meaning to be performed quite slowly."

The structure at the top of your trachea (windpipe) made up of cartilages, ligaments and muscles. Inside, attached from front to back are your vocal cords. Outside of the larynx sits your thyroid gland. Certain muscles of your larynx affect the tension of your vocal cords as they work with air from your lungs in producing vocal sound.

Leading note
The seventh note of a scale where there is a strong desire to resolve on the tonic (the first note of the scale).

Word to indicate that the movement or entire composition is to be sung or played smoothly as though all the notes were tied together.


A book of text containing the words of an opera.

This is a very short solo that is performed to a complicated and fast melody during a little break in the song. During the battle rounds, it was basically when one singer would break off from the song and do a proper fancy technical bit and then return to the normal song.

Curved line connecting notes to be sung or played as a phrase.

Lighting Designer
One who designs and coordinates the light changes that help create a show’s overall effect. Much of this is now computerized.

The words of a song.

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