Glossary Of Musical Terminology

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The situations, people, or emotions a singer pictures in his or her head while they sing, in order to achieve emotion and a good level of acting in their songs. Imagery may also be used to help a singer achieve better vocal technique.

Instrumental music played between scenes in an opera, musical or play. Can also refer to the music break in a song when the singer does not sing.

Short movement or interlude connecting the main parts of the composition.

A break, usually of about 20 minutes, between the acts of an opera, musical or show, during which the audience is free to move around.

The expression the performer brings when performing.

The distance in pitch between two notes.

The rise and fall of the voice in speaking or singing.

The opening section of a piece of music or movement.

A chord that is not played with the root note at the bottom, but with the other notes of the chord taking the bass position

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