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B&K Sound Labs was founded in 2013 by owner and engineers Mike Bowen and Ryan Kahl. Mike and Ryan met in 2010 while attending Mesa Community College for audio production. They quickly came to realize that their two diverse backgrounds in music created years of experience in many genres ranging from Hip Hop, EDM, Indie, Rock, Punk, and Metal.

When designing the studio space there were two things that Mike and Ryan wanted to accomplish.

#1 Make a stress-free and creative environment for artists that is equipped with a separate control room and tracking room, both acoustically treated to ensure the best possible sound capture of your performances.

#2 Make the tracking room big enough to be able to capture large natural room tones and for multiple members of the band to perform together if desired.

Since then bands such as Authority Zero, Perfect Sense, Moment of Ruin, Inept Hero, Mouse Powell, and Katastro have used the facility and staff to help engineer, produce, mix, and/or master their sessions.

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1203 W Geneva Dr , Tempe, Arizona 85282, United States
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